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About the client

A pharmacy that is made of hard work and love!

A diverse and complete range of over-the-counter preparations and vitamins awaits you and, with the right advice and guidance, they will provide you with a solution to your particular need.

And because, as Honoré de Balzac said, “Beauty is a necessity, it offers peace of mind! ” so you will find the corner of beauty for make-up or sprinkling as it is called in Greek!

A rich range of choices according to the needs of your skin from two perspectives …the pharmaceutical and the artistic.

Our work

Onum was assigned to create an eCommerce platform that would also be used as a blog & branding tool for new products and tips for the client’s existing and new customers.

The client can easily create custom products while also provide with each one a “doctor’s” advice & video. The store can dynamically calculate shipping costs based on weight and print courier vouchers while also send updates via email to the customers. The store has multiple filtering options & a dynamic search bar that autocompletes the user’s input with available products & their main information.

We also created a custom-designed blog that allows our client to inform visitors about their updates & also provide them with useful tips.

The website is also connected with a Newsletter platform & has variable “marketing” sections that allow our customer to build their audience and promote their activities in the pharmaceutical industry.

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