Silicon Highway (SiHi) Technologies

About the client

Silicon Highway (SiHi) Technologies offers RTL to Gate-Level Netlist and RTL to GDSII implementation Services for Digital ASICs and SoCs. Our team has a proven track record in creating advanced Physical Design EDA flows for PPA (Power, Performance, Area) optimizations, as well as with cutting edge semiconductor processes. We provide guidance, standard Front to Back-End EDA Flow solutions, as well as custom solutions, using custom EDA point tools. Our team has extensive experience with state-of-the-art EDA Tools, as well as possesses many years of experience in custom EDA tool solutions and development.

Our work

Onum was assigned to create the portfolio website of Silicon Highway (SiHi) Technologies.

The client was in need of a website that would showcase their work, services & team and allow potential clients to contact them.

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