About the client

BEETc, pronounced “beats”, is specialised in bringing together Senior Level Thought-Leadership Conferences, internationally.

They produce bespoke events according to your budget & needs. From market research, event production, multi-channel marketing, sales, strategic partnerships, to venue & logistics, as well as onsite running & post event management. They take up the entire project from start to finish, helping you find that last piece of the missing puzzle.

They also help businesses across the globe to expand in the Asia Pacific region. From strategic planning, market analysis, business development, to sales & marketing activities – we help connect you with the right people and local partners so you can step foot with confidence into a new market within your budget.

Our work

Onum was assigned to create a website that introduces BEETc and connects it with its 2 main ventures, The MarTech Summit & CXO Innovation.

Furthermore, we were assigned to develop for our client on the same website a membership platform that allows them to do the following:
-User registration & login system
-Membership plans with different levels and accessibility rules
-Coupons & affiliate programs
-User accounts with various information
-Payment acceptance through Stripe for the membership programs
-User & membership management from the backend with profit reporting

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