With social media entering our lives more and more each day, and the attention span of viewers getting slimmer, here are 4 design tips to make your social media posts more enthusiastic:

Have a goal for each post

Each social media account provides an overall message around a niche, but a single social media post provides a specific message. Say for example that you have a graphic design agency, your post can have a goal of showcasing your work, to prompt someone to visit your website or to educate your viewers about the importance of having a graphic designer, etc. Each individual post should drive measurable metrics for your brand: engagement, clicks and purchases.

Get creative with it

Be more creative with your social media posts

There is no reason to be afraid that you are not experienced enough, everyone can be creative when creating graphics. You can search online for free tools or get inspired by other peoples’ work online by doing some research around your theme.

Be aware of the basic principles

Basic Principles of Graphic Design

There are some graphic design practices that if you stick to them, they will make your design popping. Pay attention to contrast, make sure that the colors you choose contrast enough with each other and make everything easily readable and distinguished. Try around different fonts and experiment to give your post a unique style. But remember, simplicity is key, your main goal should always be to pass your message to your audience.

Search for tools that will make your life easier

Design Tools

Even people that are not designers can create nice looking posts by utilizing the tools that are provided to them online. With a simple Google search you can find plenty. Pick a template, customize it to your needs and the only thing left to do is post!

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